She held herself well. Although she was in immediate, clenching pain, her back was straight and her faced relaxed. Standing in a crowd of protesters, Sandy made it clear that she was not one of them. She had come in silent support of the man these people were so angry at. However sickened that she was with him politically, she still held a personal warmth towards him. Even after he had struck her bloody. Her stomach ached and her chest wheezed but she would be damned if she let it show.


Writing Fiction

Hello, world. Introductions:

My name is Lynn and I am a Forensic Science graduate Canadian living in the U.K. Recently I had a long stint without work (due to visa things) and I found myself desperate to fill the time. 

I decided that starting an Open University free course on writing fiction would be great fun, and a welcome return to my creative side after years of technical, scientific writing in University. The course was offered by FutureLearn, and I would suggest anyone give it a try if they want to hone their fiction writing skills.

University vastly improved my sentence structures, ability to form my paragraphs in a way that I was able to tell a story, even in a scientific way. But to be honest I have been a fan of English writing since I was a child.

I pride myself on my imagination and would love the chance to have my written work out in the real world for people to see. This blog will be a way to force myself to write every single day to keep the creative juices flowing. Some posts will be short stories, some will be about technical writing and some may be of a darker tone. I dealt with alcohol addiction as most creatives tend to (not trying to generalise, it just tends to be those with great emotion and imagination that sometimes struggle with addiction) and I would like to keep you updated on my progress. 4 months dry! Hurrah! Thank you for reading, I will be sure to update at LEAST once a week.